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VH Technologies Ltd. imports, manufactures and distributes a selected range of materials and products for use in the Dental Laboratory. This range includes Waxes, Brushes, Burs, Die preparation products and other miscellaneous items such as Diashine, Diaflex and Compo-Flex.

Diashine, Diaflex and Compo-Flex, manufactured in the USA, are gaining a favorable reputation for work with Composites, Ceramics (Aluminous and Feldspathic) and all metals, including titanium, covering the complete range from trimming, shaping and adjusting to high finish.

David Hornbrook Lithium Disilicate Adjusting, Recontouring & Polishing Kit


Diashine - A compound which will give a high gloss on a variety of surfaces, including ceramics, composites and metals. It is manufactured in a range of abrasive grit sizes and is contained in different viscosity carriers, or bases.

Intra-Oral Diashine

Intra-Oral Diashine - This is the softest version allowing easy extrusion from the syringe. Used mainly in intra-oral applications for final polishing of ceramics and composites. Comprising food grade materials, it has a mild peppermint scent and a slightly higher grit concentration than the laboratory types. This type was produced after we found Laboratory tubs being used chairside.

August DeOliviera DDS Finishing Kit

August DeOliviera DDS Finishing Kit - Our finishing kit is the perfect companion to any CAD/CAM Milling System - everything you need to achieve a beautifully polished restoration after the milling process. Can be used on ANY type of restoration material.

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